Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Still Around

Yes, once again I am here to remind loyal blog readers that I am still around.

My hope was that by now I would have had several performances of The King is But a Man to blog about. As it stands, for any number of reasons, I have not been able to book any performances for a while.

It is still very much a part of my plans, however. I continue to think of places and ways to pitch this free Shakespeare based show. I just didn't think that marketing efforts would be a particularly fun read here on the blog, even though they relate to a theatrical project.

That's the thing, as I have said, with being a community theatre type such as myself. One can be active for quite a while, and then hit a drought. I'm in a drought mode at present, though I certainly don't expect it to last forever. I may have to change my approach, both to my own show, and for future shows for which I will audition, but there is still plenty of potential theatre out there for me.

The nature of things change over time, of course. I have had, for some years now, a certain way that I access a possible theatre experience before looking into it more, or trying to be a part of it. It may be time to loosen my criteria a bit. Not in terms of quality, but in terms of certain aspects of time, place, nature of production and such falling into a specific set of places. I may have to be more liberal with my volunteer policies for things outside of my own one man show. (Which I admit, had priority at this time.)

So, I seek to surge with that flow. I just don't know exactly where to go yet. But I will. I am keeping my eyes open, and I have all kinds of ideas. Hopefully once some of them come to happen, I will have ore to write about on a regular basis here on this (still) important blog to me, other than, "I am still around."

Until then, I am in fact still around.