Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Latest Show!

Yes, I am once again in a show, that i did not write, produce, direct and promote myself. Actually I am in two show. Two one acts, that are a part of an evening of three one acts plays to be performed in late February and early March at the Black Box Arts Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. (Where I have done most of my acting for a while, under various umbrellas.)

As the scripts are original works of the company's director, I realize the name won't give anyone an idea, so I will summarize without spoiling anything.

The shorter of the two is called Blame. It could best be described as paranormal, or perhaps horror, is such a category applies to plays. In it, I play a psychotic, selfish CEO at a board meeting. That play lasts about 15 minutes.

The second show is called Laughter of the Gods. I'd call it a dark fairy tale. I play an adviser to the king of Babylon. That play lasts about one hour.

Ironically, the third play in this night of one acts, the one in which I do not appear is one in which I already appeared years ago for a different company. David Ive's Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread. That was a fun but exhausting challenge to do once, and I am happy I did it back then, but I am also happy I won't have to do it again in this production!

The production is part of a recently launched non-profit local theatre company. Among other things, their's is an actor-based process designed to improve the experience for both the actor and the audience. One can't argue with those goals.

Last night was the first read-throughs, held at the director's house. (Actually, the director of two out of the three shows, and the head of the company itself. One of the shows I am in will be directed by someone else.) Full rehearsals start on January 4th.

"Make the interesting choice," is the unofficial motto of the company. As this has always been a guiding principle of my own, I imagine I will have much to offer the production/company and vice-versa.

I am pleased that three people I've worked with before are also involved. It's always easier when I know someone else.

So there will not be much to report until after the new year, but I will have plenty to say about my adventures with these folks once rehearsals start. You'll have reason once again to check back in to this page on a regular basis. (Though this time around, I am going to try to be more broad, and "philosophical" about my experience in a show, as opposed top strictly reporting what went on any given day, as I usually have in the past.

And just so you know, I will still be doing The King is But a Man. I have been pitching venues, and I still run the lines every so often, so my one-man Shakespeare show is by no means dead. It remains very much a part of my theatre plans.

I also hope to write in this blog on broader topics in general next year, which hopefully you shall see when you visit during that time.

Until then, enjoy the holidays, and I look forward to once again sharing an acting experience with you, loyal blog readers.