Saturday, October 22, 2005

Time on My Hands (For Now)

I was just thinking that with the exception of the first read through of "Miracle on 34th Street" a few weeks ago, I have not done anything specifically theatrical (as in actually working at the theatre) in over four weeks. (I do not include time spent going over my lines.) I have not been needed at any of the subsequent rehearsals for the show as of yet, and it had me thinking about something for a moment. Although without a calendar I can not be certain, I think the time between the first read through of this show, and the next rehearsal I will be called upon to attend will constitute the longest theatrically idle time I have experienced in about a year.

The mathematics of how much theatre I have been fortunate enough to do in the last year or so did not strike me full force until recently.

Since December of 2004, I have been in Scrooge, Ken Ludwig's
Moon Over Buffalo, the musical Baby, a local original play festival, and the previously mentioned Over the River and Through the Woods. And soon, this show. All at the Old Opera House in Charles Town.

During that time, three weeks was the previously longest hiatus. (3 weeks or so between Moon Over Buffalo and Baby.) Quite a productive year or so for me.

Another thing that strikes me as I write this is that for the first time in a while, I am totally clueless as to what my next stop is. Most of the last year I had a semi-plan mapped out for what I would or would not find interesting to audition for. There were only one or two deviations from this plan. Unless something presents itself between now and the end of this current show, I will find myself both without a show, and without a plan.

But I dare not think on that right now. I am sure something will come up. It always does. For now, one play at a time is sufficient for the moment. (A good piece of advice for anyone in a similar theatre environment as myself.)

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