Monday, November 13, 2006

What I Did Not Do

Sometimes an update in a blog log this consists of what I opted out of. In this case, it was a local community audition I contemplated for a week or so, but decided against.

The Fredericktowne Players, based on nearby Frederick, Maryland, had auditions a few days ago for "Amadeus". I have never worked with the FTP before, though I have tried out for them previously to no avail.

They have a slightly different philosophy on community theatre than I do. Not that this is evil, but I prefer a different approach most of the time. However, given that Amadeus was advertised as having many smaller roles, I thought perhaps I would take the chance with the FTP again. My hope was that the resume I have built since last auditioning for them, and the experience I have gained would have made at least a small part in a huge cast more likely. I have been meaning to branch out into other local theatres, after all.

But I decided that the holiday season is not the time to be getting used to whole new rules, new people, and new locations, etc. Too much to get used to at a time of year when there is a lot going on in the emotional department anyway.

I adore being in the Christmas oriented productions at my current home base, The Old Opera House. I am familiar with the place and the people. It is like a Christmas party almost once you get down to tech week. But as I mentioned before, I did not try out for the OOH's Christmas offering this year.

Perhaps if it had been a play that I was enamored with, I might have thought otherwise. But Amadeus, while a good show, is not one of those I chomp at the bit to be a part of. So, I opted out for now.

I did check the shows FTP was doing for the rest of the year. But they are doing a show that another local theatre did only months ago. In fact in the last year, I am noticing that there is quite a bit of repeating going on with the local theatres. The OOH is usually out of the main fray of that, but there seems to be a lot of the same shows making the rounds of late. Whether or not it is intentional I cannot say.

So there you have it. The only Mozart I will be dealing with in the next few weeks will be my own collection of his music.


Susan Abraham said...

Tell us your theatre plans for next year, Ty.
January 2007 isn't too far off.


playmaker said...

This was an interesting post to me, mostly because I don't know much about community theatre - do most CT actors choose one theatre to work at, and stick there, or do they move around a lot? Are the different theatres vastly different in the way they run things?

The repeated shows thing happens professionally too, but not usually in the same town. But on a national level you see it - every year there's a top ten list that it seems like every city in the country is doing.