Thursday, April 19, 2007


A friend asked me to provide “the voice of God” in a play she is directing.

This meant recording the lines onto a CD, which her tech person will be integrate into the sound plot of the play. I will not actually be present. I may go see it, if my time allows.

It was fun though. I used my computer to make the voice deep, bellowing, and even added an echo to it. Very stereotypical Voice of God. I thought of John Cleese’s pre-recorded Voice of God, as features in Spam-A-Lot. (Though honestly less goofy.)

The play is not a theological dissertation. It is a one act comedy. Nonetheless, it is the first time I have portrayed the Almighty in any given form. And I think I will have it on my resume from now on. Regardless of the situation, I think many people, when reading something, are naturally drawn to the word “God” on a printed piece of paper. I bet most directors would at least look twice at me having God as one of my characters.

And if not, it will amuse me to have it on there.

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