Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Perhaps, a Different Kind of Gig

Still here, loyal blog readers, and with some semi news for you. (Semi, because it is not definite yet, and I will not be telling you a lot of details...yet ;) )

I have talked to someone today who will be meeting me in the future, and is sending me some things to review, via mail. If I like what I see, and others are agreeable, I may very soon begin a different kind of acting gig. Temporary, and perhaps not as pressing as most of my work, but what it lacks in size, it will more than make up for in uniqueness...

So, just something to whet you curiosities! I will explain what is happening just as soon as my involvement in confirmed.

Check back often!

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suzanabrams said...

Dear Ty,
I'm still here too! Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and am so glad about this mysterious piece of good news. :-)
I have hardly being around as I am busy with changing international destinations.
Hopefully, everything will be back to normal for me next week and I too, can start sending my fiction manuscripts out to publishers.
Ty, I will come back as I always do and catch up on your posts - the ones I missed.
So glad you're still posting. And incredible isn't it, how the hand of friendship often meets us in the oddest of