Monday, December 10, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Well, loyal blog readers, it is that time again. Time to decide between two shows that I could potentially audition for.

Actually, the decision is coming earlier than I expected. I figured the rest of the year would be free of auditions, but not so.

The Old Opera House will be auditioning for Neil Simon's "Rumors" a week from today. Now, I have not read Rumors but I am familiar with other Simon works, and I like them. Plus, I am usually in comedies, and I am of course familiar with the Opera House. Plus, I have never worked with, or even met, as far as I know, the director. I have been meaning to try to branch out to do new things with new people in theatre in the coming year.

However, the Apollo Civic Theatre will, in January, be having auditions for "The Andersonville Trial", and that has appealed to me for several reasons. I have not read it, but i know it is a drama, and better still, a court room drama. Not to mention it would also be a director I have never worked with, as well as a theatre that I have never acted in. (Though I song there once for a talent show.)

So, the uncertainties of getting into either play aside, both would offer their advantages and disadvantages. And though it may be mathematically possible to try out for and be in both, if cast, I do not think it is a good idea. There would be some rehearsal overlap, and that probably would work against me for either show. Though the Andersonville play would take place several months later, even though auditions would only be a few weeks after those at the Opera House.

So, that is where I am now. Maybe I should try to read one or both before I make a decision. That is usually how I do it, but it is hard to obtain scripts from either location these days.

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Suzan Abrams said...

Oh, Ty. I know how difficult decision-making can be. But good luck with those audtions - whichever you choose. Looks like you may have a fuller plate in the coming year, which is a very good thing indeed.
Ty, I did say on my blog today that I have been unable to read the majority of those who visit me because of my own creative writing - fiction & a play.
But just know, that I shall read you and comment as usual and nothing will change in that aspect. :-)