Thursday, June 12, 2008


Allright, I got a call last week from someone planning to do a reader's theatre in Winchester on Father's Day. I decided I would go for it...since that is the reason I auditioned in the first place.

By the time I returned the call, however, this gentleman's project had been moved to October...and he asked if I would be available then. I have no reason to believe I would not be, but that is of course a long way away. We will have to see.

Whether or not anyone else during the monthly reader's theatre will want me based on my audition, remains to be seen.

Also I wanted to let my loyal blog readers know that in the near future I will be returning to my weekly (or perhaps every other week) theatre advise and opinion post here on the blog. As I had a run of show last years in close succession, I was so busy blogging on the actual events that i was up to, that I sort of let that part of the blog float away. But now I am determined once again to offer opinions...but not just on the craft of acting, but on theatre news, events, articles, books, etc that I may be exposed to. I expect to collect my information and get that up and running again, (probably on Sundays) by mid-summer. So check back often for that development.

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I look forward to reading your regular blog posts again. :-)