Monday, July 21, 2008

Approaching Renaissance

As promised, loyal blog readers, the revival of my (mostly) weekly regular theatre column is nigh! Starting on this coming Sunday (sometimes Saturdays if Sunday will be busy, but IU will alert you on a week by week basis), my weekly column shall return! So tune in and wake the kids!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the topics I will be pondering and writing about over the coming weeks..

--Classes I will be taking to advance my acting talents. (And one's every actor should take)

--How shortwave radio is helping me improve as an actor.

--My ongoing work on various monologues to have prepared for future auditions.

--The pursuit of other art to improve the theatre arts.

--Some thoughts and observations about Dionysus, the Greek God of Theater (as well as transcendence...interesting he should be God of both, no?)

--The importance of giving a damn now, even if you will not later.

--My opinions on the use of animals as reference points for performances.

--Setting a mood with a routine. (Even if you have to make one up.)

--And much more!

So, if Sundays don't offer you much, loyal blog readers, punch up Always Off Book, and be swept away, (once again) by the weekly thoughts of an actor, even when he is not in a show!

1 comment:

Suzan Abrams said...

You just must - I insist:-) - write a book with all these fantastic non-fiction insights. It's practically expertise from the inside.
I continue to look forward to your newer blog pieces.