Saturday, September 27, 2008

Latest Audition

First let me thank Anonymous for their thoughts about R.L. I had not spoken to him in a while, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Now, on a lighter note...

I just got back from auditioning at the Full Circle Theater Company. They are doing a version of
"A Christmas Carol".

I have to say, in all honesty, it was one of my better auditions. Even if I do not get cast, I am proud of this audition. (Which I cannot always say, even when I get into a show, as odd as that may sound.)

First, some background on this particular version. It was adapted by Micheal Paller, and it takes a somewhat different turn. It opens in the house of Dickens himself, who is hosting a party. The guests plead with him to tell a story, which he agrees to only if the guests help to tell it with him. The result is an ensemble piece wherein each party guest, as well as Dickens himself, portrays several characters from the familiar story throughout the play.

As a result, the director told those of us trying out that she would be looking for an ability to portray varying roles, in different styles, throughout the production. Having been in several ensemble pieces like this before, I felt confident I would be up to the task, if invited to join the cast.

I started off by reading for Scrooge, opposite Marley in the confrontation scene. Scrooge is in general, older than most roles I have had, but that is part of it all. I felt fairly decent in being able to portray age and bitterness. (Though I forgot to try a British accent.)

A moment later, I was Marley, and another actor played Scrooge, in the same scene. This is where I felt great about how I read.

I never doubted I would do well. Confidence is important, after all. But given that this story andit's lines are so deeply imbedded into the collective subconcious, andgiven that I am very familiar with the director, and the actor reading Scrooge, there was a possibility of slipping into the mundane, if I was not careful. So I put a very specific effot into giving as much life and depth to Marley as I could. (Ironically, given that he is dead. But I digress.)

As a result, the character felt very real to me as I read. All of the aspects of a great audition were present...a good reading partner, the lines flowing easily as I read them, a minimal need to refer to the script, and most importantly, relaxation, and it's kissing cousin, openness. (Which you need if you are going to do that blood curdling scream Marley is famous for.)

Other complimented me on the reading, which made me feel good, obviously.

So, regardless of what happens, it is very gratifying to know that I gave everything that was possible to the try-out. I will not have to worry over what i left out, or forget to do. Everything I wanted to accomplish, was accomplished this morning.

I should know in about a week if I got in. Stay tuned!

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