Monday, March 16, 2009

Halfway Through a First

I auditioned today at the Winchester Little Theater. About an hour away from me. Those who follow this blog may remember talk of the place from when I participated in a staged reading of "Dinner with Friends". Read about that here.

This was the first time I had ever auditioned there for a regular show though, and it was to say the least a unique experience, as they, (or at least this director) does things differently than anywhere else I have done shows for.

It's a rather in depth audition. Two hours. But unlike many places, all of the people trying our are present at the same time in front of the director and her staff. They do not call people in groups at a time. I think this method has its advantages, but I confess to being a bit off guard for a bit, having expected something like I might find at other theatres for whom I have auditioned in the community.

An audition that very nearly didn't happen. I walked in before it all started, and got the impression the director didn't think I was old enough to play in the show. (I later learned I am older than she thought I was.) But upon hearing that she was expecting middle age actors, I began to leave. I didn't see any reason to waste anyone's time. But a few of the other people there persisted, pleading with me to stay and read anyway. One mentioned that there was a small part in the play, (which I hadn't read) that I seemed to be suited for. After much haggling, I agreed to stay and at least read for the small part.)

The play is "Funny Money" by Ray Cooney, and the part in question as that of a Cockney Taxi-driver. I have played Cockney's before, most notably in "Scrooge" a few years ago, and it was fun to read as such tonight. It must have gone well, because I was complimented on it by several people. (Including those who had asked me to stay when I otherwise might have gone.) And the producer noted that 31 was plenty old enough to drive a cab.

At the WLT, it seems that often people come to audition both nights. I hadn't planned on coming both nights, and mentioned that, which proceeded to make things a bit more difficult for the scenes the director wanted me to read for. I remained without anything to read for 40 minutes or so, as others switched back and forth reading the various parts. Finally, I told her that I would be happy to come back tomorrow, but I could not arrive exactly on time. This arrangement worked for them, and I read no more this evening.

So it is not really a call back in the truest sense of the word, but I am going back tomorrow...I suppose to read with new people who were not there today. And some people that I have worked with before, who were there tonight, and plan to return tomorrow. Always nice when there are at least some familiar faces.

We also did a brief exercises which I think I misunderstood. We were all supposed to count off in a circle, numbers by one. Each time it seems we were supposed to use a different voice when it came round to us. I didn't catch on to this until the third cycle. I could have asked, but that isn't easy when you do not know you have not understood.

Hopefully though, I made my point, and will make my point tomorrow.

My opinion is, if I get into the play, it will in fact be as the Taxi-driver. It was all that I read for, save one scene, and I put that on my sheet on the advice of the others.

So tomorrow night, I may know already. Stay tuned for this one.

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