Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Bit of a Mess

Not all rehearsals can go well. That is just a fact of theatrical life. Last night was one of those times.

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that not much would go well, when we were locked out of the theatre itself, unable to reach anybody who had a key. Annoying that we could not get in, but there was little that could be done. The idea of cancelling rehearsal was tossed out, but was unanimously rejected. (Out of those who showed up, which at best was two thirds of the cast.) Everyone wanted to at least get something done.

So after some kibitizing as to wear we could go, a local park was chosen. We walked about a mile in the humdity to get there. And the bigs were clearly fellow guests at this place.

Let me say here and now that I know I had a terrible rehearsal. I have been in town (with no public restroom to use) for over 2 and a half hours by this point. I have to get there that early in order to beat the horrendous highway traffic, but I thought someone would be in the theatre. Add to this the mile walk to the place, and a 90 minute or so reharsal, and you have the makings of a not very pleasent evening.

Not to mention the fact that I absolutley detest rehearsing theatre outside. It was nobody's fault, and bad rehearsal is better than no rehearsal, but I have always hated rehearsing outside. Theatre for me simply is not an outside activity. Too many uncontrollable variables.

People in my college days often insisted on going outside during nice weather to run the scene. I never knew why. There is plenty of time to enjoy the nice weather, but right now there is work to do, you know?

And that is one reason why I hate it. Too many distractions, and let us just say not everyone was particularly focused last night on the task at hand. (Blocking the end of the play.)

I had been off book for most of that final scene, but when it come to trying to deliver the lines I just did not have them. I am upset about this, because I am normally good at such things. But with all the negatives I couldn't make it happen.

And we only ran the scene once, and therefore I still have not had the chance to run hardly any of the Friar's scenes with people. Even the stuff I am off book for in theory cannot be fused into my mind until I can run such scenes with other people. That is the final step I need to cement a script into my mind.

But no use dwelling on the unfortunate. Monday is another day, plus there are I am sure going to be more informal sessions.

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