Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hiatus Breaker

So, loyal blog readers, it has been exactly a month since I last posted here on the blog. I apologize, but as you know, sometimes there are periods of time with no theatre activity. (I know, what a tragedy that is.)

But I wanted to update.

To begin with, starting in two weeks, I will be taking an 8 week adult intensive acting class with Patrick Diamond. He is a professional actor and director, and will be teaching the class at the Full Circle Theater Company. (About which I have written many times here on the blog.) I know that some friends of mine will also be taking the class, but beyond that, I have no idea what to truly expect. I will however be posting of my adventures and perceptions of same when that time comes, of course. Check back here for details as that adventure begins.

This comes after I decided to not try out for two shows I had been considering. One of them was just too far away. I like the theatre, and it is in fact where I participated in the staged reading last October, which I wrote about in detail here on the blog at that time. But the drive is over an hour, and while I am sure one day I will appear in something there, I think it will have to be something very appealing, or at least be directed by someone I am particularly fond of working with.

The other show, "The Merchant of Venice", I opted out of because I wasn't quite ready to jump right back into that type of Shakespeare right after Romeo and Juliet. By that I mean that Romeo and Juliet is not a favorite of mine, and neither is Merchant, though it had some good moments. If it had been one of my favorite Bard plays, i would have probably done so.

And yes, I confess, as per my own advice here on the blog I SHOULD have auditioning, just for the experience of being exposed to a company I have never done anything with before. Shame on me, indeed. I hope YOU do not follow my example! Yet schedules were part of it too...I may be starting a new job in the fall, and was not sure how the hours would match up. Better to be in a new job a while before you start to spring the, "I do alot of community acting and need some time off" trick on an employer. So, I will wait and see what, if anything that yields.

I am making efforts to post more opinion pieces here on the blog, but sometimes it is slow going. I have my column over at showbizradio.net, (which I know all of you also read), so that sometimes take material away. But once my autumn gets settled in, I am going to try to post more topical things during my times without a play.

As I said though, the advanced acting class will provide thought provoking material for me to write about for at least 8 weeks. So, first things first. Do come back starting around the 14th of this month, to be a part of all of that.

I also have a few ideas I want to post in a separate entry, probably sometime this week, so don't miss that either. The topic: The ideal way to start a new theatre company.

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