Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Rarity and an Anniversary

It hasn't happened much in my acting career, but yesterday I had to miss a rehearsal due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Everything is fine now, and the situation is over. I just hate missing a rehearsal, but luckily it was for the half of the show where I have fewer lines. This would have been considerably more inconvenient had we been running the first half last night. I apologized to the director over the phone, and hopefully my absence did not throw off my fellow actors too much. I plan to make it up to everyone by working extra hard from now on.

As for the anniversary part, I cannot believe I forgot to mention it, but Wednesday marked the 10 year anniversary of my very first opening night. In a college production of the one act play, "Sorry, Wrong Number", by Lucille Fletcher. I played Sgt. Duffy, a police officer on deck duty. The first line I ever deliver on stage, (not counting in acting classes) was:

"Police Department, Precinct 43, Duffy speaking."

At one time I had planned to have some sort of big celebration/recognition of my 10 year anniversary. I wanted to mark with a bang my decade as an actor. Then the day/week of it comes, and I forget to even make mention of it. Due in part to the fact that, ironically, I have been distracted by learning my lines for Heaven Can Wait.

But perhaps there is no better acknowledgment of the still be just as dedicated to excellence and immersed in the work of an actor ten years later as I was during that very first show.

And there's always the 15 year anniversary...

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Erik said...

I'm sorry that you missed your anniversary, but at least you actually remembered it at all. I've never really thought much about it, but maybe I will look for a program or poster from my first show and find out the date in time for my 20th anniversary in 2012. Normally I'm very good at remembering these kinds of dates, but I guess when I was 7 it didn't strike me as so important.
I don't remember my first line on stage, but I do remember my catchphrase.
"God bless us, everyone!"

Anyway, break a leg at your show!