Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drama, Please

Most people want to avoid drama in their life. And I am generally no exception, though I am seeking some more drama on stage. For it has been quite a while since I was in a drama.

I have had some dramatic moments in plays such as various incarnations of A Christmas Carol. (We tend to forget just how dark that story tends to be!) But as far as being in a full fledged drama, it has been several years.

Not that I feel being in a dramatic play as opposed to a comedy is more noble. Dramas are not, by default better plays than comedies, (though most tend to assume so.) It's all about how good the script is. Nor do I think that dramatic actors have a more difficult job, by default, than comedic actors. Doing drama well and doing comedy well are two different things, both of which require talent.

Yet I have been on a run of lighter roles the last few years, and much like shifting one's position on a couch after a time, I am itching to get exercise my dramatic "chops" again as they say.

One local theatre had been planning to put on Ibsen's Hedda Gabler in the summer. There was talk of that play perhaps not taking place after all, but if it does, I have thought about trying out for same for several months. I am familiar with the play, and have seen it performed, but have not been in it myself. I have no notion right now as to what part would suit my best. If the production does go forward and all other things are equal, I will probably sit down and read it again before auditioning. (I own a copy around here somewhere.)

It's not my favorite Ibsen play. That would be An Enemy of the People. But I have never done any Ibsen, and I find that like Shakespeare, performing Ibsen, (at least a good translation of same) is one of those things that every dramatic actor tries to do at least once at some point.

That is still a bit in the future though. I will naturally keep you posted on this, loyal blog readers.

Have any of you ever been in Hedda Gabler, or other Ibsen plays?

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