Wednesday, October 09, 2013

General Updates

As we enter the final fourth of 2013, it has become clear that this will sadly have been the least active year for Always Off Book ever. While I have tried to post some of my previously published advice material here and there to fill the gaps, the fact is, I have not had as much to say on here as I would have liked.

One reason is that I have not been in a play in over a year, and this has always been, mostly, an exploration of my experiences while in a show. Not being in a play for over a year is sad not only for this blog, but for me. It happens sometimes of course, for various reasons. But I think I am now approaching the second-longest amount of time I have ever spent without being on stage. I mentioned the possibility in a previous entry of my doing Everyman. While that is still supposed to happen at some point, it has for various reasons been postponed.

More relevant to my lack of stage time recently, is the dissolution of the local community theatre in which I did most of my performing over the last several years. Even before the official end of same, the final year of it's existence was one of slow degradation. Lack of leadership, near total lack of public interest, disorganization, etc. A bit depressing in its own right.

However, certain other ventures are happening in the same geographical area of which I am a part. Because these plans have not been launched officially just yet, I will refrain from sharing specifics at this time. But if all goes well, I should find myself more involved in theatre in 2014 than ever I was in 2013. It will hopefully be an invigorating experience after the rough last two years. (During which, my plans for my own theatre company totally failed due to lack of local interest and cooperation, as did my production of Art for mostly the same reasons as far as attendance.) After last years theatrical stumbles, and this years theatrical absence, I need such a projects for 2014 to keep me busy. Stay tuned.

As for other theatres, yes, I certainly could have tried out elsewhere this year. I thought about it here and there. After all I have never been in a play in the closest city to where I live. (Frederick, Maryland.) The theatres there have a bit of a reputation for being close-shop and ever so slightly elitist, so i have been reluctant to try them. (I did so about ten years ago, and found the reputation deserved, but that was ten years ago, after all.) I have boycotted the previous venue where I used to do all of my plays because of the immoral behavior of it managing director of about ten years. Another is way too far away for me to drive to. There is one place I like, in Winchester, Virginia, which is far, but would be worth it for the right part. Sadly, they tend to produce plays that consistently require characters that are a minimum of 50 years old. So I'm not quite there yet.

I've also though about becoming active in community theatre message boards again. I have tried that a few times in the past, and have not met with much success. A lot of know it alls on such boards. (Or any message board for that matter.) Never really got a toe-hold in. My knowledge seemed unwelcome. But I may try again. It could give me more to talk and think about in the world of theatre. More things to write about here when I am not in a show.

And that is a big thing, I think. I probably need to broaden the topics about which to write here on Always Off Book. At least enough so there is something to say between shows. (Though I am hoping "between shows" won't usually last a year and a half plus...)

So while things have been slow here this year, I hope to pick up next year. I know I have a few followers out there, so hang with me, loyal blog readers. And give a shout out for a change to let me know you are still reading!

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