Monday, January 06, 2014


Happy New Year, loyal blog readers.

I want to start of by saying that last year was the least active year in this blogs history, and I hope to change that this year. (Namely, because I hope to be doing more theatre this year, hence having more to write about.)

I may not be writing a play by play rehearsal sort of blog anymore for every show. I know that's sort of been my bread and butter here for much of the time, but unless there is a particular problem or revelation on any given night of rehearsing or performing, (and let's face it, often there is anyway) a weekly round up of rehearsals is probably enough. It will also make my posts, hopefully, more thoughtful than just, "I did this tonight."

There was a time when each rehearsal was somewhat exciting and profound in its own way. Should I find myself in such a show I will of course blog accordingly. But over the last few years, not only have my chances to be in shows decreased dramatically, (my main theatre company shutting down over the summer), the shows I have been in over the last few years have not always been a rich source of thoughtful material. Richard III was because it's Shakespeare, but a few other recent activities have been fun but not necessarily intriguing.

And that's all part of theatre too; it runs the gamete for the actor. They can't all be life changing shows, not do they have to be, so long as I try to learn something from each of them. What I learn can probably be better explored with less than daily posts now. Though of course I could be wrong, and find I need to blog every night the next time I'm in a show anyway, so moved could I be. (Wouldn't that be great?)

Right now, I don't know what my next experience will be. The Christmas Carol reading I mentioned in my previous post was called off due to weather and never rescheduled. I continue to be a manager of that same facility, but for now, there is nothing occurring there, as we try to get off of the ground, and get people to notice us. So keep that in mind.

I am working on my one-man show based on Shakespeare's histories, however. My goal is to have it ready to perform there by late summer or early autumn. (I haven't picked a date yet.) But I'm sure that experience, especially as I finalize the writing and start rehearsing it, will provide a great deal of material here on the blog. I hope you will join me for that adventure throughout the year.

And of course I still plan to post some opinion pieces, and maybe links more often than I have been known in the past to do.

So, will less be more in a way for Always Off Book this year? Tune in to find out. As always, I thank everyone who stops by here.

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