Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Broadening Horizons.

I know it must be difficult for anyone who reads this blog to believe, but I am still around. In fact, if you visit my main website, TyUnglebower.com or if you follow me on Twitter (@TyUnglebower) you know I haven't disappeared. but as my time off the stage begins to stretch into a two year period, (which would be approaching my personal record since I first started acting), I have fewer things to write on this pages.

I often have mentioned my intention to start posting more opinion pieces regarding theater and acting in general, to make up for my time off stage. I have yet to make 100% good on that plan, but I have not abandoned that goal, either. It may just mean that I have to work extra hard to cull material for such things, and to include the time in my regular writing schedule for same.

Reviews of plays may also be on the docket in the future. While I have done that here and there on this blog, it hasn't been a regular feature. I won't be able to attend live performances as often as I may like, but I do plan to read more plays this year, and I can review the scripts at times, even if not actual performances. I continue to consider that.

Then I have also pondered writing my own analysis of more classic plays. That of course takes time, so I won't be able to crank those out weekly or anything like that. But it may be a source for features in the future here, if I continue to not have a play to appear in.

Truth be told it's probably a good idea that I expand some of the scope of Always Off Book even if I do get back on stage more regularly. This blog has been around for quite a while, and I have no plans to shut it down any time soon, but it may call for more than a few pieces of acting advice, and a running report on any given play I happen to be appearing in or directing. The commentary I do give on actual plays when the time comes may also change somewhat, but I can't exactly explore that possibility until I am in the midst of a play again.

Whatever it is I do with this blog in the coming months or years, it will remain a place for my honest, passionate and at times unorthodox take on acting and theatre from the trenches. Jackasses will always complain, as they have often on this blog before I turned off anonymous posting, that I am not a real actor. But in fact, I, and people like me, am more of a real actor than they, and many others, simply because I wish to be. I strive to be. I seek to improve, explore, and challenge myself and others through my presence in the theatre, and I hope to reflect that here on the blog in a broader fashion in the coming months and years, and I hope that you will join me for that journey. (And comment a bit a long the way...I measure comments by the year around here...a polite conversation would certainly help out around here sometimes. But we'll get into that in due course.)

So it may take some adjustment time on my part, but I hope to hit a new rhythm here on this blog. Until then, stay tuned and check out my adventures elsewhere as well!

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