Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book Launch! Some Theater Fiction.

Hello, loyal blog readers. On this, my theater blog, I wanted to that I launched an ebook today. It's called, Thank You for Ten; Short Fiction About a Little Theater. It's a collection of ten stories, all of which take place in the same community theater. You can by it for 99 cents, either for the kindle or for other devices. Check out my main blog at to find out how to get it.

For this collection, I've minded my experiences and perceptions over the course of 15 years or so as an actor. This blog has been here for more than half of that time, and those who read my posts here will find, at least I hope, many parallels. A lot of what I feel as an actor has been expressed here in the blog, and it informed my creative decisions as I wrote each of the stories in this collection.

And of course if you are a theater person yourself, (and chances are that if you come here, you are), I'm confident you will find something familiar with in many if not all of these stories. The excitement, the worry, the planning, the artistic vision, the wide cast of characters both on and off stage at a community theater. I know many of you can relate.

So if you enjoy fiction set in your favorite place, the theater, click the link above, and get yourself a copy today, please. I would be very grateful, and it would be particularly satisfying if theater types like myself discovered and enjoyed this small collection.

If you do read it, please, please let me know if you like it!

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