Monday, January 25, 2016

White Out!

I live basically in the bull's eye of the recent Blizzard of 2016, as does the Black Box Arts Center. So the last two rehearsals were cancelled. Today is not cancelled, but given my semi-rural location, my access lanes and such have not yet been plowed. So I am forced to miss today's scheduled rehearsal, which bugs me.

I've been working on the script, though. I am about 75% off book for the longer play I am in. The shorter one, I have not spent as much time on yet, but I will as the week wears on until the Friday rehearsal. (Which I certainly hope will find my street plowed.)

The production already has dealt with a lot of schedule conflicts, so I'm not happy about contributing to even more. But I decided years ago that no rehearsal was worth driving in dangerous conditions. Besides, it's not about dangerous at the moment; it's about I live down a half a mile lane covered in three feet of snow, and wouldn't be able to get out to drive dangerously if I were inclined.

But it gives me some time alone to ponder my character, and the shows in general. It could be a net plus to have these few days away from straight up rehearsing. I'd rather have the rehearsals, but in their absence, much good can and will be accomplished.

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