Friday, April 22, 2016

Radium Girls: Additions and Subtractions

There have been three blocking rehearsals to date for the show. I generally don't post much about such evenings, as there is very little to report. Everyone gets told where to stand and when to sit and such. Not intriguing stuff.

However, in that same short amount of time, quite a bit has happened with the show.

To begin with, due to some remodeling at the Black Box, as well as some other reasons, most of our rehearsals will now be at a school that is an hour and fifteen minutes from where I live. (Black Box is about 40 minutes.) So a great deal of time has been added to my commute, and I won't likely ever get there at the start of rehearsal. That is what it is.

The bigger news though, is that someone has already quit the show. They came only once as far as I know. The initial table read. After that they didn't show up and didn't call...until I suppose yesterday, confirming they were out. Never met them before. Always a jackass thing to due, absent an emergency. (And there doesn't seem to have been one in this case, from what i have gathered.)

So, his roles have been divided up among others, while certain roles have been shifted. I was asked if i wanted to take on two of them myself. I agreed to take one more, as I thought five characters in this production was too much for me to give my full attention to. So I'll now be playing Flinn, for those familiar with this show. He's got one scene, so my work load hasn't increased too much. I just glad it happened this early, and not, say two weeks before we open.

I don't rehearse Fridays, but today's planned rehearsal for others was cancelled, so the director can take some time and rewrite the schedule. Hopefully once that's done, we'll find we don't need to be rehearsing at the school as often as initially believed, and will then be set for a while.

It's been a bit of a chaotic process so far, sadly. But again, better it happen up front, then in the middle of even worse near the end of the process. Here's hoping this latest hurdle is the last of the big ones for us.

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