Tuesday, May 17, 2016

(Kind of) Top to (Kind of) Bottom

Despite our lead actress having to miss the entire upcoming week of rehearsals (!) we ran the show for the first time from the start to the finish last night.

Almost, anyway. We did skip some scenes, because not only was the lead actress gone, but so was one of the actors with whom she shares scenes. As you can imagine, this makes scene cues more difficult to commit to memory. But it is what it is.

There was still a benefit to rehearsing though. I gave all of my lines in one evening foe the first time, outside of home. I only had to call for line once or twice, and I recovered almost right away. I'm in good shape, there.

At one point in the play, I'm in three consecutive scenes, playing a different character each time. I made sure to know when that one was coming, though I did forget about one such transition. That will come with time also, as we have never run the transitions between scenes.

Still rough rehearsals at times, but I'm working on little nuances now, those little extra things that make a character alive. I hope to come up with a few more tonight, when we run the same sections, I believe.

Props have also arrived, from the collection of the venue. They are up on a table as of last night, but we didn't use them. (Though I grabbed one for a scene as part of a last minute idea.)

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