Sunday, October 02, 2016

Saturday's All Right for Fighting...and Macbeth

Good show tonight. In fact, our best to date, if you count full rehearsals and such.

To start with, the energy from a crowd of about 30 (our of 55 total seats) set the tone. As did the relief of it not being opening night anymore.

Energy was good. Pacing. All the components were in place for a show that was satisfying to perform, and exciting, (as far as one could tell) for the audience to watch.

I still got tongue tied once. I'd like to have that not happen anymore, but I corrected within the line, and it didn't ruin anything, so far as I could tell. It's just a matter of personal pride to throw a "no hitter" as it were. Yet i don't want to put undue pressure on myself, or the opposite of what I want is likely to happen. So, one performance at a time, one scene at a time one line at a time. That's the way it needs to be done, even if it is tempting to thinking too far ahead sometimes.

I do that a lot with Act IV scene 3. My longest and most intense scene as Malcolm. Though I don't let it distract me from the job at hand, that scene is never far from my mind once the show starts, even though I have much to do before getting there. (Not to mention there is intermission.) I won't call it an obsession, as that makes it sound unhealthy, but 4.3 is no doubt a focal point for me in this production. I go over it a few times in my head before the show starts, and then again between intermission and the scene itself. It's almost as if I haven't officially started my performance until that scene comes up, even though I've already done quite a bit of acting by then.

That scene was also probably the best it's been so far. At least my rubber tongue didn't show up in that scene this time.

My final speech, that closes out the whole show also went well. Better than on opening night. Plus unlike the previous night, the lights went to black out right after I finished my line. I may not have the largest presence in this particular show, but I admit I kind of dig having the final moment of it.

Sadly, next is the matinee for the first weekend. My mother will get to see the show, which is a plus, but it's still a matinee, and still a bit of a bane.

Still, it's Shakespeare, and I have a job to do. My powers are ready and my lack is nothing but my leave, as Malcolm himself might say.

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