Saturday, October 14, 2006

Everyone Loves Lists

I do have, by most accounts, an excellent memory. However, I am in the habit of keeping semi-meticulous journals on productions that I am in, which enables me to recall specific, "Trivial Pursuit" type factoids about the shows I have been in.

Here is a list of statistics about the shows I have been in, which I include here purely for fun, and to give you a rough sketch of the type of career of I have had so far...

Total productions: 18

Number of musicals appeared in: 4

Number of musicals in which I had solo numbers: 2

Total plays in which I portrayed more than one character: 6

Number of shows where I appeared in the very first scene: 16

Number of shows where I appeared in the very last scene: 12

Number of shows where I delivered the very first line: 6 The very last line: 3

Largest Cast: 44 people in the musical Scrooge.

Smallest Cast: 3 people (a never before performed one act play, from this summer)

Largest crowd ever performed for: 400+

Smallest Crowd: 8 (Yes, eight individual people. Contrary to the unwritten convention, we performed, despite the cast being 4 times that size.)

Most performances of a single show: 13 (The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged)

Number of plays requiring a stage kiss: 1

Number of plays that were supposed to require a stage kiss, but I talked my way out of: 1

Shakespearean plays: 1

Oldest character: Orlas in Cecile, who was written to be in his 60’s. Also the role for which I wore the most make-up ever.

Youngest Character: Elvis in Miss Nelson is Missing. Theoretically a third grader, but like all characters, acted older.

Stage most frequently performed on: The Old Opera House in Charles Town, West Virginia. (11 productions to date.)


Susan Abraham said...

Hi Ty,

Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to read your posts lately.
But they certainly look intriguing to say the least.
I'll be coming back later today or tomorrow to take my time reading each one and will comment appropriately on them.

Take care

Susan Abraham said...

A list is like a journal. Says so much with so little.

Yours looks commendable Ty & makes for clear statistics of your progress.

I'd love to keep a book list. But remembering all I've read from childhood would take me forever.

I once read the book list of a famous author from long ago and suddenly, it was like he was in the room once more and his personality from the past with all its power & vulnerability was shining through.