Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween.

Well, here it again. All Hallows Eve. I went as a referee. (Though we actors sort of get to have temporary Halloweens throughout the year, don't we? Dressing up, invoking the spirits of things we are not.)

It also brings October to an end, and with it the month long celebration of my blog's one year anniversary. I know that none of my stories were overtly amazing, but they were and are a part of me and my theatrical makeup.

Not that I will never share anything from my past again, of course.

I did mention at the start of October that I would, near the end of it, mention instead of the past, the future. So here are some things I am kicking around.

I am thinking about interviewing some of my friends and local community theatre types once a month or so, and publishing the results here on the blog. As fantastically informative as I am sure you all find me to be, I thought views from some of my amateur acting peers would be welcome on occasion.

I may also include interviews with other local community theatre "big wigs", if I can find any willing to talk. Directors, techie people, that sort of thing. So in the coming months or so, look for that as a possible new addition to the blog.

Yet fear not. Always Off Book will remain a place dedicated mostly to my advise, observations and anecdotes pertaining to the wonderful world of acting. Views that I have brought to you, loyal blog readers for over a year now.

Until next time, I hope tonight you have more treats than tricks.


Susan Abraham said...

Happy belated Halloween, dear Ty.
I learnt the deeper aspects of theatre from your blog and so enjoyed your October stories though I still plan to read the really long piece.
But writing about the future is always good/optimistic and I look forward very much to your interviews that promise to be inspirational.
Also Always Off Book is going to record your future starring roles, won't it...
cheers & good wishes

Anonymous said...

I like the interview idea. You should carry it out. :-)