Monday, January 29, 2007

Dates Confirmed

As a follow up to my last entry, the Old Opera House has informed it'smailing list that auditions for thenext show will take place this Sunday and the day after. I am 87% sure I will try out. If I do, I am 99% sure I will try out on Monday. Not just because of the Super Bowl, but because I have made it a habit to try out on the last possible day. (Something I have discussed here before.)

I am not sure if it will be 100% cold reading, or if the script will be available to peruse. It has gone both ways at the OOH. I have contacted the powers that be over there about it. So, the process mostly, kind of, "sorta" begins.

1 comment:

Susan Abraham said...

Please do try out, Ty.
Waiting to hear all about it. :-)