Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Earlier today I went over to the Old Opera House and picked up a copy of their next play, "Dearly Beloved". I finished reading it a few minutes ago.

I have to say, it is a bit goofy, though it ends up having some quasi-touching moments, if a bit cliche'. Clearly it will be one of those innocent crowd pleasers, even if the writing is not razor sharp. I do belive I will try out for it on Monday.

There are parts for seven women, only 4 of whom have any significant stage time. There are 4 roles for men, all of which are smaller than the women's roles. Only one of them is particularly written for someone my age. That is the second smallest male part, but I enjoyed what I read of the role.

It is not that I couldn't play older than I really am. I can play 40 or so, which is the called for age of the other three men. So, if buy chance I were to be cast as one of the men in their 40's I would accept. I just happen to find the role for the 20 something character to be the most fun.

Theoretically 4 possible roles for me, though practically I am probably going to be in the running for just the one. That will make competition stiffer than I normally like. But that's a part of it.

So I will prepare myself forthe upcoming audition in the coming days.

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