Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Dubious First

Well, loyal blog readers, the other day I did something that I have never before done in my years in theatre.

I quit a show.

It was not at all an easy decision for me, actually. I know alot of actors have no problem with it. Something better comes along, they do not feel like it anymore, etc. But for my it is quite counterintuitive.

So, what could beso important that I would go against mynature and quit a theatre project?

A theatre project.

Readers may recall I got into two of the shows for this year's New Voice Play Festival. The one play, where I will remain silent, is still on. I decided to leave the lead role in the second play from the festival, in order to concentrate on the other role.

Here is how it all came about.

I had the first rehearsal for the second play on Monday. Though I had said from the beginning I didn't get a great vibe about the show, and stated so at auditions, they offered me the role anyway. I like may of the people at the Opera House, and did not want to let them down personally, as a friend. I realize this was my first mistake, and that I should have only based my acceptance on my professional feelings about the work. What can I say? I slipped on this one.

Now I had not read the scripts in total for any of the shows. I heard some talk about them, and i had sort of gathered that the role I was being offered in the second show was a smaller, supporting role.

Turns out, it wasn't.

I got to rehearsal, and was about 5 minutes in, when I suddenly realized it was to be a rather complex role, with more going on during my stage time than I had guessed. As rehearsal went on, I began to fear that I would not be able to give my all to both of these roles at the same time, as both had unique challenges. I was disappointed in myself a bit, but one has to assess the good of the show, based on what one feels at the time. Though I had the ability to do both, the desire wasn't there, given how much each would take away from the other.

So I emailed the director late that night, and explained how I was sorry, but did not feel the role was a good match for me at this time. All the things I mentioned here. I offered to trade roles with someone who was playing a "sexy waiter" in the show. That role was much smaller.

The director emailed me today and said I didn't fit the role of "sexy waiter". I personally believe I am quite sexy, and am not sure what was meant by the comment exactly. (!) But either way, it seems official...I am now only in one of the plays in the festival this year.

So in the last year, I have turned down a role for the first time, and quit a show for the first time. Really, it should have been two examples of turning down a role. But I am only human. I hope the other play finds someone quickly. I know it can be hard. Last year I had to cast myself when I was directing.) But I am sure something will come up.

In a few hours I have the first rehearsal for the one play I am in now. I look forward to it.

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