Friday, May 04, 2007

Way Short

I didn't mention this before, because it is not EXACTLY within the boundaries of my being an amateur actor. But since it is now over, and does involve community theatre, I will mention it anyway.

Every summer, the Old Opera House, (which if you have read this blog you know has been so far my "home base" community theatre), holds a contest which they call the New Voice Play Festival. In theory, it exists to give new up and coming playwrights from across the country the chance to have their one act plays performed for the first time.

I entered, and did not win. Not only that, I did not make it into the top 9 plays honored out of about 40 or so. (Not even honorable mention.)

Those that did win, are those that have won in at least one previous year, if not more than that. This, in my opinion, disqualifies the notion of it being a "New" voice play festival, if the same people can enter and win over and over. But in the interest of full exposure, the judging is blind, in that the name of the playwright is not known to the judges at the time of adjudication. Still seems a bit unfortunate that true new voices are not being brought to the stage, but I guess that is they way they have chosen to do it.

I don't know. I thought my play was quite on par with the winners of past years. It is the first and so far only complete stage play I have ever written. I perfected it, and got all of the bugs out in anticipation of it being used by another theatre last year, and due to absurd circumstances, I was kicked out of that festival. It came as no surprise given how horrid the leadership of that theatre, and that workshop in particular was. Yet to have not one but two theatres reject the same work is a bit mind boggling to me.

It may all be a sign that it is time for me to move on from that which I am used to. Get beyond the strict confines of the Opera House, etc, and see what other theatres are out there. I know there are not many, but perhaps I will investigate them in the near future.

As for the play of mine, you can not resubmit a losing piece once it has lost, because the judges would probably remember who wrote it the following year, thus killing the blind part of the judging. So perhaps I will search out another contest to submit it to. I do not know what my plans are for that as of yet.

So, no sour grapes or anything, but I honestly have my questions and disappointments. I will not dwell on the thing, but this being my theatre blog, I did want to share with my loyal readers the most recent theatrical happening I was undergoing.

As for the next acting related thing, the auditions for said winners of the New Voice Play Festival will be taking place in less than two weeks. I must decide if the awkwardness of working directly with the judges, (who usually also end up directing the plays in the festival) is worth it. I have been in the festival for the last three years, and directed last year, but was not asked back as a director this year. So, again, maybe it's time for a break from it.

Any thoughts from any of my loyal blog readers on this would be appreciated as always.

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