Saturday, November 03, 2007

Top of Our Game

The initial disappointment on the part of some in the cast concerning a low turnout for this evenings show was quickly neutralized this evening. For despite their being only 13 out of 35 seats filled, it was by far out best crowd of the run.

Very responsive. Open to being brought into the show. Laughed alot. I have said it a million times hereon the blog, and a million times before I even had a blog, but it bears repeating...the energy of an audience for a show is a mysterious force that can make or break a production.

And you can never know just what kind of energy you will have, because size and energy are not directly proportionate. But you can feel it as an know that you have the attention of the entire audience...even when you do not hear them laugh, or look directly at them. If you pay attention to that feeling, it feeds an actor, and allows him to come up with new things on the spot, at polish all of the old things with a shine that only pleases the audience even more.

That, loyal blog readers, was tonight.

My two shows are the last of the evening. With no intermission, there is always the chance the crowd will be antsy by the time I come on. But not tonight. From the moment we started The Philadelphia you could tell everyone in the place embraced the concept. When they embrace the concept, and "get" what it is that is happening, instead of just observing it happen, you really can do lots of things with the piece. (Or any piece.) And I certainly felt the creative energy bounce right back at me.

Everyone backstage commented on how much better it was. The best yet.

The same with the dreaded Philip Glass. That too was the most flawless we have done, I would say. Instead of laughing all throughout, I think the audience sort of took it all in...afraid they might miss something if the blinked. (Which is not an unreasonable concern with that piece.) But when we blacked out at the end, you could tell they loved it. (Assuming you missed the aura of, "this is crazy but I love it" radiating from them during the show, which I doubt anyone missed.)

I have been happy to be a part of this show from the start. I will not deny that. But even if I had not thought much about it before tonight, tonight would have made the whole thing pretty much worth it. It proved that you can be professional, and reach an audience, even when you are knew, your venue small, and your ticket sales lower than preferred.

Indeed, one guy came up to me and said he loved the smallness of the venue, because it brought everybody into the show in a way that cannot happen easily in bigger venues. I agree with him, and look forward to future production of this company, whether I am in them, or not.

One more least officially. There is talk of us traveling to a few local cafe for some engagements. Nothing official. But if it ever become official, you will be the first to know, loyal blog readers.

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