Friday, November 02, 2007

Pickup Rehearsal

Last night there was a pickup rehearsal for All in the Timing. Several people weren't there, and we also learned one of our actors quit the show! It is unclear why, but as his part was a small one, he will easily be replaced by one of the other actors in the production.

As for the rehearsal itself, both plays I am in went well. The Philadelphia was first, and in the words of the director, "you've still got it." Good to know I have not lost anything since Sunday afternoon. =)

Philip Glass, I am not lying when I say, was PERFECT. The best run through of that ever. No pauses, no stepping on of others' lines, no dropping. I release that doing it perfectly at pick up rehearsal does not guarantee we will be just as perfect for the two remaining performances. But what it does prove is that we have it in us to do it flawlessly, haven done so once, last night. So that knowledge should go a long way in improving our actual performances this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, so far there are 20 or so reservation, out of 35 seats for Saturday night. That is quite a plus. Here's hoping this Saturday goes even better than last Saturday.

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