Sunday, March 23, 2008


For no particular reason, I just went to my alma mater's theatre website site. I have not been to it EVER until today, but in the FAQ section, what do I chance to find?

Why, a picture of none other than yours truly, on stage as Doc O'Connor in "The Laramie Project". This would place the picture in November of 2002.

For all I know, there is a different picture on each page of the site every day. Or it could have been there for years. (I am not complaining, I was always aware publicity shots were being taken when I was on stage.) It was just highly humorous to find myself there, on the first visit I ever made to the site.

If you are interested to see if it is still there by the time you read this, it can be found here.

I cannot help but wonder about the irony...not just of me happening on the site after all these years tonight. But of me being the picture that graces the "frequently asked questions" page. Intentionally or not, I am probably one of the students who asked the most during my acting experiences there.Not all of them were of the highest caliber I am sure, but I smile at the notion of it today.

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