Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Rules Are Mine

When you keep a blog, you are going to, without fail, get nasty words from someone. I have, and of course I have no desire to publish them. I will not. The only thing I will say is that short of breaking the law, or calling for the breaking of the law, I have EVERY right to say, write, and express whatever it is that I desire to express on the topic of theatre.

I will also point out that those of you not satisfied with my opinions need not read.

Finally, my comments, as harsh as they are to accept, (probably because they hit very close to home for some), have my name attached directly to them, in direct contrast to the nasty commentary and accusations I received from "Anonymous".

So, "Anonymous", if you think I have no reason to conclude what I conclude in any of my posts, and would chalk it all up to my personal biases, as you say, I encourage you to put your name to your baseless complaints. Otherwise, go back to whatever two bit performance day dream you crawled out of when you insulted me.

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