Friday, April 18, 2008

Something New?


I was walking downtown the other day and saw a poster for an open casting call. A local independent film, to be filmed in the fall of this year. I have done some film before. A little bit. I decided to get more information.

I did that an hour or so ago. No pay. Student picture. Didn't really ask what it was about. Looking for extras, but also about 9 men my age. Production meetings throughout the summer.

It's not theatre, but it is acting, if I were to get a part. Even a small one. And it will be a network building thing, plus it would in theory expose me to other actor types.

Even being an extra would be something interesting to do.

Casting call is on May 9th and May 10th.

They said to "bring whatever you want", so that would include a resume. I doubt I will be able to pay for professional headshots by then, but I might make some of my own. Maybe. Or have a friend help me out with them. Any advice, loyal blog readers?

I will keep you all posted on this endeavor.

I am also slowly investigated community theatres that are further away from home than what I am used to. (And the ones I am used to are sometimes an hour long commute!) But I think it is time to try to infuse my acting with new talent, new faces, different scripts and different locations. Not that some crossover is impossible, but the theatres in which I do alot of my work are getting a tad stale and clicky lately. Hoping to still keep in touch with those places, but having more than one theatre front is a good thing.

If anyone knows of good theatres to look into near Frederick, Maryland, let me know. (But please, do not even bother with those jackasses at the Way Off Broadway Dinner Theater in Frederick. If you read this blog you know why they are not worth my time.)

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