Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Debut Day

Ok so in general I do not make a huge fuss about this, but I have though tin the future I might make it sort of a small party day. Like a minor feast day for me and any friends that wanted to come. It is debut day. In other words, 8 years ago this very night, I opened in my very first show, ever. "Sorry, Wrong Number". I student directed one act at Marietta College. I have spoken about that experience previously on the blog. You can find a more detailed description of it here.

I do like to think about it now and again though, as April rolls around each year. I haven't opened a show on April 21st ever since, but I would like to. What a symbolic party that would be.

In other news I also learned that the movie I am trying out for in May is to be sci-fi. Yes, i thought about it, and I am going to try out anyway. =)

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