Sunday, December 14, 2008


Since I did not write last night.

As for the show last night, it went well. It was high energy, and I think we were having noticeably more fun. A few line flubs here and there, and a techie snafu in places, but nothing that would have been noticed much by the audience, I do not think.

I was a little off in the first Cratchit Christmas Present. I was not horrible, but I felt half a step removed for some reason. Just for a few moments. I think i dropped a line. Or the person before me did. I honestly do not know for certain what happened. But it was covered well by "Peter", and for that I thank him.

I think I had more energy as well on Friday. I found a place to sit, (an uncommon thing in our tiny, unfinished black-box), and pretty much remained there, in a semi-meditative state for 20 minutes or so. Nothing Zen like or anything. But enough to be mindful of all of the noise and sensations going on around me in great detail, but to not be bothered or affected by any of them.

Those who read this blog know that under normal circumstances in other places, there is where I like to try to get before a show. Not comatose, but highly focused. With Full Circle Theater Company, the only theatre I have worked with for the past year and a half, that has been a bit more difficult. Each show has been in a different venue, and there is not a lot of back stage space in any of them, and there have been no dressing rooms of any kind. So, I find myself moving around more, trying to stay out of the way, and sometimes getting in my OWN way in the process. Friday felt like the more relaxed final 20 minutes before curtain I am used to from other more conventional theaters. But that is harder to find in such a smaller space. I have managed to do it more than I thought I would however. Just that Friday was especially successful for a longer period of time.

During the crying scene of Cratchit in the future, when he breaks down over Tim, I tried the effect of delivering the first of two exclamations of "my poor boy" in a quiet, strangled way, instead of the instant breaking down that I had been using. I think it was more affective, and I decided to keep it for the rest of the run.

Which of course, at that point constituted only 2 more shows. And now, only one, since I have completed the Saturday show, about which I will share details now.

I think, (despite some very obvious tech issues) it was our best overall performance of the show. The energy is most places was high, and as with last night, the fun was more evident amongst most of the cast people. The "Topper" scene, as I call it, was a particularly good example of the manic, high energy fun that can make such a party scene so enjoyable to be in, (and I would hope, to witness.)

My family was in the audience tonight, and they were laughing during the scene. Few others were. And in fact, I have been overall rather disappointed and puzzled as to why my boisterous take on Topper has not amused more people. It saddens me a bit, as I am quite proud of the portrayal. But I had fun tonight, and the scene was the best it has ever been.

There is still the problem of some of the less experienced people decided to add lines, or extra entrances, as well as delaying their exits, in order to stay in the spot light longer than the director intended. This shows little respect for the show, in my view, and something that I have taken note of in certain cases. I am unlikely to ever cast someone who would behave in a similar manner should I direct a show.

That may be harsh, and of course, I do not name names. But those guilty of such things have been instructed literally dozens of times to not do it. This assures me that it is a matter of them choosing to ignore their directions, and not simply a matter of not knowing any better. So I feel my frustration is justified.

As was my slight frustration tonight over a very specific stool that ended up in the wrong place in every single scene. It is really just this tiny box that Tim sits on, but somehow, in more than one scene involving me, and presented itself, like a nemesis, right in the middle of my path. (The only snafu in the great Topper Scene tonight being that I had to come up, in character, with an excuse to move it). Actually, I think "bemused" is a better term than frustrated. It is just such a mystery, though. That piece has never been a problem a single time before tonight.

But such is life, amateur theatre sometimes. You do not always get explanations. Realizing that is difficult, though. I am still working on it.

The best news of all, outside of the good performances, was the fact that we were sold out tonight, and had to literally turn people away at the door. Hopefully they will come tomorrow. But of all the problems this show has had, that is one problem I welcome.

Only one performance left. Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I was one of your family members at Saturday night's show and I thought the Topper scene was very funny. I also am pretty sure I know and could tell who you are talking about staying on stage longer than they should--I felt that a few times during the show. I didn't pick up on any dropped lines from you but there were some others I did notice. I must say that the wigs used in the show were all quite funny. Weather that was the intention or not, I do not know but for me it added to the humor of the show. I enjoyed it very much and so did Severa. The seats however, are very, very hard and uncomfortable. Maybe they should sell stadium cushions as a fund raiser for the Company.