Monday, February 02, 2009


Instead of my column on this Sunday, loyal blog readers, I share with you some news.

On Valentines Day, I shall be participating in a one night only reading of Guerney's Love Letters, at Beans in the Belfry, in Brunswick, Maryland.

This script is exactly what it sounds like. A male and a female, friends, exchange letters over the years, each reading them aloud in the reading. Though it was not clear at the time, they both come to realize they were in fact writing love letters to one another.

This is unique in the sense that the playwright encouraged those who put on this reading to rehearse very little, if they rehearse at all. Too much rehearsal of such a script would damage the spontaneity of the piece.

Of course, acting, if nothing else, is the creating the illusion of spontaneity when one is fact very well rehearsed. But for something like this, I can see the argument against it. The actors are depicted reading right from the letters themselves. It has always been my belief that in plays of any kind, anything that is read from a paper should not be totally memorized. It should actually be read. Why memorize something on paper, only to work extra hard on sounding like you are reading it cold. Just read it cold! (My small piece of advise here on a Sunday, for those actors out there who have learned to rely on such from me every Sunday.

I have not yet read all of the script, but expect to do so soon. More on that later.

It is being put on by my old, oft mentioned friends, the Full Circle Theater Company. Go to their website for more details about where to go and how to obtain tickets.

Hope to see some local people there!

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