Friday, May 29, 2009

Decision, Decision

Late night post on the night before I am to, presumably, go to the Winchester Little Theater for a "Train Wreck" audition. I have talked about it auditions, writing of a script, lighting design, costume procurement, memorization of lines, blocking, rehearsal and performance ALL take place within 24 hours. Hence the name.

It is indeed a fascinating concept, but I have not yet decided if I want to do it. It is such a long drive for me to go all the way to Winchester, Virginia, just for a one day affair. (Assuming I would get in, of course, which is not sure thing.) However, the ride may be worth it, for such a short amount of time. And plus what a wild concept...I will say I am tempted.

I have been in a few train wrecks on stage, but never one designed to be so. I will keep everyone posted.

I didn't end up going after all... the idea is a good one, and I think it would be great fun to take part in someday...but last night I just didn't have the stamina to make that long drive twice (and hour+) And then to get up early this morning and do it again.

And in fact, I probably would have gone through with it, if I had no other chances for theatre in the near future. But next week I have Romeo and Juliet auditions, and if I get into that it will take about about a month or so, and that will be nice. Plus, if I am chosen, it will be great to be doing Shakespeare again. (I haven't since college.)

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