Monday, May 18, 2009

In general.

Loyal blog readers, a potentially busy time is approaching.

I have in fact signed up for the playwrighting class at the Full Circle Theater Company that I have mentioned in previous posts. (Which are not coming as frequently as I would like, and I again apologize for.) The course will meet three times in June, for 90 minutes each session. I don't yet know what to expect exactly, but I know many of the people involved with it, so I am already comfortable with the notion. I will keep you all updated on how that progresses.

Also in Full Circle news, I will be taking pictures tomorrow night for their upcoming show, Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Click on their name for a link to their website, if you are interested in learning more about getting tickets for this classic.

Secondly, coming up soon as well, are auditions for Romeo and Juliet. Those are on the 6th of June. I have mentioned before the pieces I was thinking about using as my audition piece, and I have made my decision. I will be doing "I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth", from Hamlet. It is a frequently used classical piece, no doubt. But I want to audition with a piece that shows my overall comfort with Shakespearean language. While I am not saying I would require no work to do the Bard's language in any given play, I am in fact very comfortable with that particular speech, and I know with work and attention I always become comfortable with the language of such plays. So I am going to go with that one. I need to start working on that soon. To sand off the edges, as it were.

As for the one man show I have been working on, I have completely memorized the first "major chunk" that I arbitrarily mapped out when I got the script. I do not recite it each day, as I should, but I do most days, and I did so just a half an hour ago, with no real problems. I have no at last decided it is time to move one to the next "major chunk". (Such a technical theatre term, is it not?) The way I prepared myself for the first one was to simply read it through silently several times each day, when I had spare time. Seeing as how there is no deadline for this show at this time, I see no reason not to continue that method for the next section. I have broken up the major chunk into smaller minor chunks, to coin a phrase, and I will, once I have read and read and read the section, work on memorizing one of the minor chunks at a time, until it adds up to having committed the major chunk to memory.

One I have that second major chunk in my head, that will be, I would guess, two-thirds of act one. When i put it in those terms it makes it sound like I am making more progress. So I shall continue to do so.

Act Two, as usual, is shorter than act one. So, if I keep the fire under my backside burning at a constant heat, I am willing to project, based on these early exit polls, that I can have the whole show memorized by the end of summer of 2009. So we will see how that goes. Pull for me, loyal blog readers. I may be able to find a place to perform this locally. Maybe even more than one.

Last year I attended auditions for the Winchester Little Theater's "Trainwreck" and Reader's Theatre". I was not available for the Trainwreck last year, but the auditions for it are coming up in a week or so I believe. I am trying to determine if I want to show up for that one this time.

As I mentioned last May, the concept is to try out for a play that has not yet been written, get cast by the writers that day, have the writers work all night to write the piece, which will be rehearsed all throughout the following morning, and performed, for the one and only time, that night. Winchester is quite a long drive for me. So far the longest I have made to a theatre for auditions. But given that it is a one shot deal, I may consider it. Certainly a wild experience the likes of which nobody else around here provides. That I know of. I will make a decision on that soon enough. (I will have to, of course.)

That is all to report at this time. I will try to make my next update much sooner than this one was.

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