Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Week Ahead

Will consist of doing "It's a Wonderful Life" every single evening.

Which is fine by me, despite the fact that it will be a somewhat tiring week. I always did say my favorite part of a rehearsal process are the later, more intense stages. Well, with a show like this, that stage comes far sooner.

I am sad to report that I could not attend last night rehearsal. Weather was just terrible making for bad travel just about everywhere around here. Most of the people more local to the theatre showed up, though. However most have better vehicles then I, are more used to the roads than I, and probably are not as much of a danger to themselves or others during winter driving as I. I deeply regret it whenever I have to miss a rehearsal, (I have missed less than 5 in my whole career, mostly having to do with weather.) But I do not regret my decision. I just didn't think it was safe.

But the director did initiate an extra rehearsal for Tuesday. It was a move he reserved the right to make and he made it. His latest email to us all stated that he feels we need it, and that we cannot afford to have anybody miss any rehearsals from here on out. I have every intention to making them all from now on.

Thursday night is to be a benefit performance for something, though I am not sure what. I wasn't aware we would be performing on Thursday, but again, I don't mind this. It will technically be a performance, but it will also be one more chance to run through it before we "officially" open on Friday.

As for tomorrow, we are to have a costume parade. I went shopping for some appropriate pieces today. (They are supposed to be mainly black and white, or as close as we can get to same.) I did find a nice vest that was closer to dark gray, and a sweater that is mostly black, with some white on the front. I bought both. My big hope, however, was to find a clip on bow-tie. That really says 1940's to me, but none were to be found anywhere I looked. It seems I have run across them when I have no need for them, and now for the first time in my life I could use one, and they are nowhere. Maybe the theatre itself has one in it's collection. I will have to ask. I just think that really sells the time period. That, and my parting my hair down the middle, which I intend to do. I may even start that tomorrow as well, as it takes a few days to train it properly to lay like that. And it will give the director a full sense of what I will be looking like during the show when we have the costume parade.

Lots of hard work, but hopefully also lots of fun lay ahead of me this week. Tune in here all week for details.

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