Monday, December 28, 2009

Quick Update

I hope all my loyal blog readers had an excellent Christmas Day. Remember to hold on to the festive spirit through New Years! Keep the music, egg nog and movies going!

But as to relevant things...

"It's a Wonderful Life", as you all know, was scheduled to be broadcast over local radio on Christmas Day. I was out of range, but I kept up to speed through the Facebook comments of my friends in the cast.

And sadly...the first of the broadcasts did not happen! That's right, through some automated glitch, regular programming for the station resumed after a mere few moments of our show. Highly disappointing.

However, the second broadcast, in the evening, went off well. (Being interrupted once, only briefly, for a severe winter storm alert.) So while I lament not being able to hear how it all turned out, I am glad that at least one of the broadcasts worked properly. Perhaps the radio station will allow some of us that lived out of range to listen to the master recording at some point.

One other note of interest for right now; auditions are already set for a July performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", put on by The Bard's Men. This is the new company with whom I did Romeo and Juliet last summer. (Check the entries in this blog for last summer to follow that adventure.) I don't think I have ever seen an audition notice that far in advance, but the director is also a student, and would have no time between now and summer to organize anything. So, though it be a long way off, I thought I would mention my initial consideration of that production here.

That is all for now. This time of year does tend to be slow for theatre. I am going to look for some winter productions though, as nothing picks up January through March as much as being in a good show.

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Severa D. said...

That sucks to hear about the first broadcast getting screwed over like that. I think I will audition for Midsummer, since I've been in it before. It would be fun to be in it again. :)