Monday, January 04, 2010

"It's A Wonderful Recording"

Happy New year, loyal blog readers! I hope yours was a fantastic holiday season, and that the upcoming year brings you good fortune on all fronts.

I recently was lucky enough to hear the master recording of our production of "It's a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play." For the first time. The one that went out over the air. I have to say it sounds great. I knew it would sound different than it did when hearing it live, but the sound effects were even more well timed than I could have imagined. The foot falls were great, the crowd scenes were just perfect, and all of the actors came in loud and clear.

You don't hear the audience as much as I thought you might, but you do hear them during some key moments of laughter or applause.

As for my own performance, I am mostly satisfied. A few times it sounded to me like I was reading from a sheet, but I think that may be just because I knew damn well that is exactly what I was doing, as I listened to the recording. But basically I am happy with how I sounded. At least I was clear and easy to understand.

And the Mr. Welch punch sounded really good.

So deep thanks to those who made it possible for me to hear that, should they happen to be reading this.

One side note, the Apollo Civic Theater is holding auditions this weekend for "The Odd Couple". I MIGHT go. Depends on a few things, not least of which is me shaking this flu I have contracted. The ACT is very closed shop, and not usually very willing to let new faces into their clique. But I suppose it does happen once in a while.

That's quite a commute though. Not as bad as Winchester, but farther than I'd like. I will take that one a day at a time.

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