Monday, July 12, 2010


I haven't had a potpourri post in a while. But being between shows seemed like a good time to post one.

-To begin with, the recently suspended Bard's Men now have a new website. (Which presumably will have more on it leading into next summer.) There is a little bit of history of the company on there. It's still a work in progress, but given how involved I have been with the company, I felt I should offer a link here on the blog. That link is here.

-I was walking the other day and came up with an idea for a one man show. It's too broad and unformed to get into too much right here. And I won't be outlining it or putting it down on paper for at least several months if not more. (I have other projects to finish ahead of it.) But I think the idea is solid, and I do look forward to bringing it into reality. I will keep everyone posted on that one here at the blog.

-Summer being about half over now, it's time for me to start looking at shows for the fall of which I'd like to be a part. I have the line ups for most of the community theatres in the area. I have to admit that as it stands now nothing jumps right out at me as something I need to be in. That doesn't mean I won't, but there is much considering to do first.

But I can't take too long. Any fall shows will most likely be holding auditions in the next 3 weeks or so.

-Then there is the Christmas season to consider. I know. Being July, the idea of reminding everyone of the hustle and bustle of the holidays seems silly, and possibly cruel depending on your point of view. But again, when you live on theatre time...where you general commit about 2 months to something, you have to think ahead. And the time period of two months before the Christmas season is only about 3 months away from now. So it's not knocking on the door yet, but I will be looking around. I really enjoy being in shows at Christmas time.

-I told a friend of mine who wrote, and will be directing, her own show this summer that I was available for set construction. I don't know if she will need or want me help in same, but I volunteered for two reasons. The first being a friend deserves a chance to have a show go well. And second, getting a little more technical/building experience under my belt will never hurt me.

So there is your July Mish-mash from the world of Ty's theatre endeavors, or potential endeavors. Hopefully activity will pick up again soon.

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