Friday, July 15, 2011

Pick-Up (And Put It Down Again) Rehearsal

This post is strictly archival in nature, as there is nothing substantial to report about today. Five cast members were missing, including one of the leads, so running the show would have been fruitless. We didn't even go out to the stage. Instead we stayed back in the green room and reviewed lines for those scenes wherein the leads were not alone on stage. So I reviewed all of my lines, and didn't have any trouble picking up where I left off. Those that were good at their lines were still good. And those that had to write their own lines because the ones provided in the script were too difficult, continued to struggle.

My hope is that the second weekend will of course be better attended than the first. It usually, though not always is. I don't think the second weekend for A Thurber Carnival went much better than the first, now that I think of it, though this production is in much better shape than that show was.

Second weekend are often a more laid back affair. We will see if that holds true for this one. As usual it feels like both more and less than the actual three days it has been since we last ran the show on Sunday.

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