Saturday, July 02, 2011

Two Out of Three A'int Bad

After a delay of an hour and a half, (some set construction issues) last night's rehearsal got under way at about 8:30. Despite the entire play being on tap, it was decided that after Act Two that we would stop for the night. (Which was just as well, it was 10:30 or so by then.)

But the good news is that masking curtains are now up, (though they confused a few entrances), and some platforms we needed as well. More set building and painting and such is going on as I type this, from what I understand.

As for the rehearsal itself, it was probably my most energetic performance so far. I have had some good rehearsals, but I am aware that I have been lower on energy than I should be. And I wasn't feeling 100% by the time we started last night, but I made a specific effort to show energy for my scenes, and from my own perspective, it at least felt like I succeeded. It is of course not always easy to judge such things for one's self.

From what I gather, intermission for this show will be right after Act Two, meaning that the first two acts will run together as one. We did this last night for the first time, and though I didn't make any mistakes it was a tad disorienting to move on immediately to Act Two at the point we had always paused for a break or to end rehearsal previously.

I still struggle to get a line out here and there. Usually the same ones. But my scenes have no major difficulties thus far, knock on wood. So I feel confident that the lingering problems will lesson each day between now and Friday when we open. (!)

I will keep this entry short, for I soon have to get ready to head over for today's rehearsal, which is now going to be the first full run through in wake of last night's early dismissal. There was not that much specific to report this time anyway. I think I will have more to say about tonight's rehearsal, so do check back.

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