Saturday, June 09, 2012

Richard III Audition

Last night I attended my first audition in quite a while. A local production of Shakespeare's Richard III.

It is the same director that three years ago helmed Romeo and Juliet. (Click to read the start of the adventures for that show.)

There were not many people there when I arrived, but all of them were people with whom I have worked with before in various plays over the years.

There were about seven sides prepared, and I looked over each one, though when I was called back I read mostly for Buckingham. I read for Richard a bit, and Ratcliff for the briefest of moments.

I read the scene where Buckingham asked Richard for the promised Earldom of Hereford, as well as the scene just prior to Buckingham's execution. As the hunchback himself I read the courtship scene with Lady Anne, as well as the scene with Elizabeth wherein Richard attempts to get her advice about how to woo her daughter. (And fails.)

I am satisfied with my readings, by and large. I have read the play a few times before, and I suspected that those parts I read would be among the sides for the audition. (No prepared monologue was required for the actors.)

On my audition sheet I didn't request a particular role, stating that I'd be willing to fill whatever role the director felt would best serve the play as a whole. I meant it, though I confess than even among the smaller roles, (which all the male roles save Richard are), I have my personal preferences. I don't usually like to point that out to directors though. My thought being that if they are curious to see how I can do in a role, they will ask me to read for same. True, by requesting to read a role I could surprise a director with a reading, and once in a while, I request a role. Yet my experience has been I rarely am asked to read for the roles I request anyway, so I just leave it open ended. (Though I will sometimes mentioned a role I specifically do not want.)

There is a second round of auditions tonight which I offered to attend as well, if the director believed that would be of any help. She said that it would, as she could use the extra reader, so I agreed to drop in for a bit tonight as well. I know that many children will be auditioning tonight, for the roles of the Young Princes. Yet I imagine adults will also be showing up as well, as there are many parts to fill. After that, casting decisions are supposed to be revealed in a few days time. So here's hoping I get in, and get something good of course.

I'll write a supplemental post tonight to talk about the second round of auditions.

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