Sunday, June 10, 2012

Richard III Auditions, Act II

Last night I went back to the Full Circle Theater in Shepherdstown, West Virginia for the second night of auditions for Richard III. I wasn't needed, but was told my presence would be appreciated the second night. So I went.

I didn't read for anything different than I did the previous night, however. I read mostly for Buckingham, while on occasion reading for Richard. It was mostly to fill in gaps for those who were auditioning and needed someone to read off of.

Though I didn't get the chance to read for any of Richard's monologues on either night, I am pleased with my readings both nights. I thought about requesting a chance to read specific speeches of minor characters that interested me which were not featured on the provided sides. Yet as the train was pulling out of the station near the end of the evening, I decided to just leave well enough alone. I figure the director had already seen anything they wanted anyway.

The second night was better attended somewhat than the first night. Several of my friends and cast mates from previous productions also auditioned last night. If I am to be in this play, there will certainly be plenty of familiar faces in the cast, I'd gather.

The director said she would try to inform everyone of their fates today sometime, or Monday at the latest. Today is not over yet of course, but I am thinking it is not likely I will get any word today. If I do, I will of course post a supplemental entry here. If not, check back here tomorrow to learn the results of my audition.

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