Saturday, January 17, 2015

Falling Into Place

On Thursday, I rehearsed act 2 of the show. That half has gotten less time over the last few months than the first half, so I've dedicated a few rehearsals on the stage to only the second act. This isn't that odd, really. Many standard shows get to a point in the final few weeks where they rehearse all of one act one night, and all of the second act another night. In that regard, I'm staying somewhat true to a more standard rehearsal process.

My intention was to go through it twice, but I only did so once. Not because it's too long, (though it still is by several minutes) but because by the time I was done, it felt like a good place to end rehearsal. There were several loose ends and other issues with those sections that I was able to improve or fix. I did in fact shave a little time off of the second act, and I also came into some more efficient ways to deliver certain aspects of the material. And though a lot of the blocking is organic as I perform, there are aspects of it that remain consistent each time. On Thursday a few more guideposts suggested themselves which I hadn't considered before. I will probably keep several of them if not all.

I don't know if I will stick to just act two on my next rehearsal night (Tuesday), or start running the show show top to bottom. I can't wait too long to run everything at once of course, but I may need a bit more time for act two to catch up to act one. Which presents the question, will I be running only act one on any given night? The answer is maybe. There are a few tiny moments in act one that could use some work. Yet I feel so comfortable with act one that I don't, for the moment, feel it needs it's own night. Act two, however could use a few multiple run-through nights if I'm honest with myself.

I still have a few props that I mean to secure, but don't think of until I'm standing there performing and don't have them. Must correct that soon, especially since there are not that many props in the show to begin with.

I'm finding it takes me a bit longer to get "warmed up" to rehearse this show than it normally does. The reason I think is obvious; when you are accountable only to yourself in a rehearsal as opposed to directors and cast mates, you stay rusty a bit longer at the start of things. When rehearsal starts in a standard show, you need to be ready right off.

Even then, however, there is some amount of time to ease into everything. I considered that for the first time on Thursday as well. In a normal show I am there early, and sort of loosen up in any number of ways before I begin. Being the only person involved in producing this show, there is no showing up early. As soon as I'm there, everyone is there. The first few times on the stage I think I overlooked that, and jumped right into rehearsing. On Thursday I gave myself some time to just walk around and get some water, stretch out and just loaf for a few minutes. The same sort of things I'd do before a more standard rehearsal. Then I started in earnest, and I feel it helped. I must remember to give myself that warm up time from here on out when I rehearse alone.

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