Friday, January 30, 2015

Short Rehearsal, Short Post

I rehearsed today in the afternoon, as opposed to the evening as I have been the last few times. The venue was available as was I, and the weather forecast called for some nasty winter weather in the evening.

So, guess what happened? Yes, the bad weather moved earlier into the day, unannounced after I already got to the theater.

Truth be told the weather was fine when I went in, and got started. I heard rain on the roof for a while, but that's common in that place. I continued with act one as normal, determined to jump right into act two without a faux intermission, just so I could get home earlier. It was after I used the restroom upon completion of act one that I checked outside...and found snow mixed with sleet on on salted roads.

I packed up, shut down the theater, and came home.

Turns out it wasn't as bad on some of the roads later on in my trip, and I suppose I could have stayed and finished act two. But commuter traffic was already picking up, and there's no way of knowing if the weather would have gotten any worse in town. So though I regret not getting to act two, I don't regret leaving earlier. It was probably the wiser and safer choice.

Act one was solid, though. I'm feeling quite good about it. The length remains just over an hour, which is pretty much right where it ought to be, I think. Fewer stumbles than last time. Remembered some of the new blocking ideas I came up with on Tuesday. So it was a productive rehearsal, just not for the whole play.

I think on Thursday, when I next have access to the venue, I might go ahead and start with act two, just to catch up. That has been the part of the play that has needed the most polish. Then again, I do want to run the whole show at once as much as I can between now and opening. If the weather offers no potential of having to  bail out early, I may go ahead and run the show from the top after all.

Wish there was more to report, but there should be on Tuesday.

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