Monday, August 14, 2006


Last night I was called by the stage manager for Gypsy. I was offered a part in the show, provided I did not mind it being a dancing part.

Since being informed I did not get a role, I had already begun to make other theatrical plans with my time in the near future. So I declined.

Not a very exciting entry, but an update is an update.It also marks the first time I have said "no thank you" to an offered role.

However, I wonder if it should count as an official turn down in my records books. Since initially they already told me I was not in the show, thereby causing me to make other plans, could I really have helped it?

What do you think?

Either way, no Gypsy for me. At least not this time around.


Susan Abraham said...

Hi Ty,

My view is to mark your turn down as a statistic in your record books.
The stage manager offered you the role of dancer which makes it official all round.

I wish you well with your plans and look forward to reading about your next theatre role. It's wonderful that you know what you want.

Playmaker said...

I agree - an offer is an offer. Doesn't matter if it's belated.